Whats Cooking

30 May

My daughter loves food! Not just eating food….looking at food, talking about food, shopping for food, stealing my food….so I feel showing her how to make the food was the next logical step.
It was now the time to grab her attention and pull her in the kitchen to help me prepare the food. At 28 months old Mini-Chef will have her limitations; however there is no time like the present to get started.
My first port of call (like everyone in the ‘Google’ generation of parenthood) was to search inspirational recipes for cooking with little ones. I found hundreds of ways to make pizzas look like scary faces and the same amount of recipes on how to ‘hide’ vegetables in sauces for children, why on earth would you want to hide the vegetables is beyond me, deep rooted carrot phobias maybe?.
I want her to learn that cooking is the game; ingredients are the things to play with. I also want her to believe that our kitchen cupboards are an Aladdin’s cave of tastes and smells ready for her to discover over the years – and that sometimes the meals that may look appalling and like something you would not want anywhere near will be the food that tastes delicious and enlightens your taste buds in such a way your views on food change forever.
So with my enthusiasm and love of home family cooking, and Mini-Chefs recent discovery that squishing things is fun, we are off to for our first lesson – pasta sauce (with vegetables very much on show!!) – I’ll keep you posted on how we get on.


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