Our 1st Lesson

2 Jun

‘Pasta, Pasta, Pasta’….the standard response by Mini-Chef when asked what she wants for lunch or dinner most days, so a pasta dish was the logical choice for our first foray into cookery.

The  first hurdle was how best to have Mini-Chef join me safely in the kitchen, we settled for standing on a dining chair pushed up to the work surface, however this has prompted me into research for a ‘pod’ of some kind for her to stand in while cooking to make things a little safer.

I explained to Mini-Chef that the cooker was hot and fire could burn so I had to do the first part, this was fine and she was happy looking on repeating ‘hot, hot, burn, burn’ – finding another plus point of this lesson, increasing the vocab of my little one.

Now came the fun part – I pointed to each ingredient and told Mini-Chef what it was called and encouraged her to repeat this word (for older children you could focus on the colour, the size or weight, or the source of each ingredient) and then I asked her to tip it into the bowl.  This was well received with lots of giggles and clapping, and once the wooden spoon was introduced she was in her element mixing everything together in the bowl.

Once all mixing was complete, and the sauce that strayed from the bowl had been to its rightful place I was time for Mummy-Chef to step in again and mix the sauce into the pan and leave it to simmer.  While this was happening Mini-Chef poured the dried pasta into a saucepan, loving the loud noise she was making and then watched on from a safe distance as I added the boiling water and put it on the hob to cook.

While the cooking was taking place Mini-Chef and I talked about what she would need for eating her dinner – She decided she’d need a bowl, a spoon and some cheese (she does love parmesan on her pasta!) so we set about locating these in the kitchen and I was surprised at how closely she must watch me when I’m preparing dinner and she knew where everything was kept!  For older children this cooking time could be used for a lesson in washing up, table laying or to prepare the starter or a salad to accompany your main meal.

Sitting at the table with her Mummy and Daddy that evening Mini-Chef took pleasure in repeating ‘Me did it, me did it’ over and over again – I was extremely proud of my little girl….but looking forward to cooking again to teach her a few more words for dinnertime conversation!

For the recipe to accompany this post please see ‘Simple Tomato and Basil Pasta’ in the recipes section or click below.



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