Healthy Food – Healthy Budget

13 Jun

Looking around local supermarkets you cannot help but notice the mountains of offers that are on display – on the surface these really do appear to be the budget shoppers’ saviour, however as you look closer you’ll notice that these offers tend to be on packaged or convenience food that are not always the best for you and your family.

As the country still works its way though these tough financial times and the cost of food is forever rising,  shopping for the family can take a large chunk of money away.  As this happens I can see how heading over towards the half price potato waffles and the BOGOF fish fingers can seem like the perfect solution – however we need to stop and think,  is this really best for our family in the long run or just a quick fix solution.  My advice would be to step away from these offers and strip your shopping right back to basics – fresh food, lovingly prepared can not only taste better than processed food but can also cost less on a weekly basis.  Below are some top tips for taming your shopping budget;

Plan Ahead

Monday is my food shopping day, so each Sunday I sit down and plan what we will be eating for the next seven days for lunch and dinner (breakfast is always cereal).  Have a look through your cupboards, see what you have and what will be needed to make the meals you have planned and then compile a shopping list.  Having this food plan allows only what is needed to be bought, leaving no food wastage which is not only good for your  bank balance but also does each  families little bit for the global food wastage problem.

Bulk Cooking

When planning for the weeks food look at what can be mass made and then some frozen for a lunch or dinner later in the week.  A favourite of mine is to bulk cook mince in a chopped tomato sauce use some for lasagna that evening and freeze the rest for a spag bol later in the week.  This can help you to take advantage of any BOGOF deals on your key ingredients keeping the price of your weekly shop down.

Look for best product NOT best know brand

Highly recognisable brands may catch your eye; however this clever marketing comes at a price.  Look for own brand alternatives or items on offer (only items on your list of course) as these will offer you the same product at a fraction of the price. 

Finally stick to your plan, make a note of meals that work well and ones that don’t, and happy cooking!!


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