Things That Make Me Smile

18 Jun

This week Essex has, on the whole, been a wash-out! The last two days have seen rain of biblical proportions at times – so much so I even asked the man of the house to see about buying some sand bags! So while I’m sitting here thinking up yet more raining day activities for us all my mind had wandered as to what has made me smile this week.

The Man of The House is losing it

After finding him and Mini-Chef singing a double glazing jingle from the local radio station on Tuesday because ‘he had forgotten the words to anymore nursery rhymes’ I thought id seen my share of crazy in this household for this week,  I clearly was mistaken.  I walked into our bathroom last night to clean my teeth just in time to witness him throwing his socks into the toilet bowl and heading to the washing basket to take a leak – do men get baby brain as well I wonder?

Mini-Chef has learnt to crack an egg

 It was like pulling teeth at times and cost me a pack and half of eggs but my little lady has grasped it.  Just means now the answer to ‘what do you want for dinner?’ had been replaced by ‘scrambles please mummy’ instead of the usual answer of pasta.  I think we may need to get Chickens.

Family swim time

We have found a new pool about 30min away from us in Braintree, Essex – its a great place for little ones with a leisure pool that 2 year old Mini-Chef can stand up in meaning no need for her armbands.  It has a few water fountains and also a wonderful slide that provided us with endless squeals of enjoyment. And it’s perfect for those rainy days!

CentreParcs next week

Family holiday time is upon us, and for some reason beyond my comprehension we booked a UK break for the same week that Wimbledon begins, which can mean only one thing, RAIN!  Packing for this holiday has been an experience, I haven’t holidayed in the UK since I was a child and hadn’t realised the bizarre planning it involves.  The start to my list for packing currently reads as follows;


Sun cream

Welly Boots


Paddling Pool

Sun tent




In this fast paced world we live it is so easy to forget the little things that are important to us, I am making a promise to  myself that each weekend I will sit down and document what has made me smile over the past 7 days.  Especially with little ones around, we sometimes forget to stop and remember all the special times we have on a daily basis – I’d love you to share with me the things that have made you smile,  it’ll give me something to read when the rain starts again!


One Response to “Things That Make Me Smile”

  1. terencenoah July 1, 2011 at 1:18 pm #

    Haha, this cracked me up… Any tales about Rob tend to have me on the floor…

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